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Antarctica is an award winning practice which was formed in 2005. The combined experience of the office ranges from small residential additions to public and institutional scaled work. Our work is driven by our interest in resilience in architecture, going beyond the usual ideas associated with building type to design buildings that are flexible for the future needs of their users. Our projects have an emphasis on innovation, affordability, designing for sustainability, and buildings that can accommodate a broad range of activities. We are experienced in project management and delivery with a focus on quality and value.

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Flowerdale Community House - AntarcticaFlowerdale Community House - AntarcticaFlowerdale Community House - AntarcticaFlowerdale Community House - Antarctica

Flowerdale Community House

Flowerdale, Victoria, 2011

Flowerdale Community House is the home for a huge range of programs run by locals in Flowerdale about an hour north of Melbourne. Located on the site of a kindergarten destroyed by the fires of 2009, the flexible halls and consultation rooms contain everything from belly dancing to psychological services. These spaces sit under one big roof and are given volume and connection by the open structural space. The roof has a tattoo of the Flowerdale logo designed after the bushfires, and matching the tattoos of nearly 100 people. The printed roof also mirrors the Flowerdale pub at the other end of town.

Roofscape House - AntarcticaRoofscape House - AntarcticaRoofscape House - AntarcticaRoofscape House - Antarctica

Roofscape House

Carlton, Victoria, 2010

The project transforms an existing terrace house – adding a second storey with 2 new bedrooms, an ensuite and a study – to provide a young couple with new spaces for themselves, their children, for living, and for working. Skylights bring light into the existing ground floor areas, and in the centre of the house a double storey void connects the existing areas to the new spaces above. The design of the upper floor adjusts in plan and section along the length of the existing house, concealing the addition from the street and from the neighbouring houses. As a result, though only partially seen from the outside, internally the spaces look through each other and out to their surroundings.

Knox Leisureworks Aquatic Centre - AntarcticaKnox Leisureworks Aquatic Centre - AntarcticaKnox Leisureworks Aquatic Centre - AntarcticaKnox Leisureworks Aquatic Centre - Antarctica

Knox Leisureworks Aquatic Centre

Boronia, Victoria, 2010

The project in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Boronia adds a specialist pool and support facilities to the large complex. It does this by stretching out the large steel portal frame and adding a cluster of steel sheds to this volume. The architectural language adopts the clues from what is already there, amplifying it in form and colour. The work also features large new areas of photovoltaic and solar water heating and an extensive water recycling facility.


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