Top Architecture Firms and Architects in Australia

The team at Topauarchitects made an effort to compile a list of the top architecture firms and architects in Australia. Australia, which has the eighth-largest immigrant population and the fourteenth-largest economy in the world, welcomes tremendous variety. This mega-diverse nation, with its significant variations in temperature and topography, has a modern eclectic architectural style that draws heavily from its many different environments. As a former British colony, its historic structures influence European architecture. Following World War 2, Australia changed its demographics, culture, and self-perception by embracing multiculturalism.

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Few old neighborhoods remain due to the use of imported exotic design and architectural styles and elements and the appropriation of local resources and skillsets. In contrast, modern architecture has remained consistent with western architectural trends while adapting to the unique Australian climate and cultural factors. The Federation architectural style of the 20th century sparked the desire to create “their style” with an avant-garde approach, inspiring building that was amiable and expressive of Australia.

Australia features iconic examples of most western architectural styles, including Georgian, Gothic, Victorian, Baroque, Romanesque, and Art Deco, as well as Brutalism, Structuralism, Postmodernism, and Deconstructivism. Famous Australian architects are presently leaning toward a future of sustainability and green architecture, including the best technology currently accessible globally.

The Top Architecture Firms and Architects in Australia are listed here.


PTX Architects

Established in 2006 PTX Architects is a small practice based in Western Australia’s Great …
PTX Architects: DENMARK WA

D’Agostino & Luff Architects Pty Ltd

D’Agostino + Luff Architects design exciting and unique architecture. We fulfil our …
D'Agostino & Luff Architects Pty Ltd: BUSSELTON WA

Naked Architecture

Graduating from Curtin University School of Architecture with Honours the Practice …
Naked Architecture: DUNSBOROUGH WA

Mark Phillips Architect

Mark Phillips is the principal of a dynamic architecture practice established in …
Mark Phillips Architect: KUNUNURRA WA

Kent Lyon Architect Pty Ltd

Kent Lyon Architect is an architectural practice based in the South West of Western …
Kent Lyon Architect Pty Ltd: BUNBURY WA

Donaldson and Warn Architects Pty Ltd

Donaldson and Warn Architects Pty Ltd

rad architecture

rad architecture, a West Australian design-focused practice, works collaboratively to …
rad architecture: KENSINGTON WA

GZB Architecture Pty Ltd

GZB Architecture is a customer oriented practice specialising in custom designed homes …
GZB Architecture Pty Ltd

königsberg bridges architects

k’nigsberg bridges architects is a design practice. Our ethos is to provide architectural …
königsberg bridges architects: ATTADALE WA

MacCormac Architects

MacCormac Architects have worked on a diverse range of projects. We are a medium sized …
MacCormac Architects: WEST PERTH WA

Dickie Architects

Dickie Architects specialises in houses, especially extensions and renovations in and …
Dickie Architects: BUTLER WA

Architect Gary Dorn

We are Permaculture architects’, who in our thinking are primarily concerned with the …
Architect Gary Dorn: NORTH PERTH WA

Fringe Architects

Fringe Architects is a young, energetic and progressive Architectural Practice based in …
Fringe Architects: NEDLANDS WA

Ralph Hoare Architect

RALPH HOARE ARCHITECT -:- Architecture – Interior Design – Building Services – Project …
Ralph Hoare Architect: SOUTH FREMANTLE WA

David Weir Architects

David Weir Architects, led by principal David Weir with consultation from the …
David Weir Architects: MOSMAN PARK WA

Paul Burnham Architect Pty Ltd

Unique & versatile design solutions for new houses and hospitality projects.
Paul Burnham Architect Pty Ltd: NORTH FREMANTLE WA

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TOP Australian Architects