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Architecture Kōen is a Brisbane based practice offering professional service with straightforward communication. We will work with you to ensure that our services and fees are appropriate to your budget and project expectations. Architecture Kōen can bring to your project a passion for quality design outcomes and 18 years of experience across a diverse range of project types with some of Brisbane’s leading practices. Project experience includes residential, education, institutional and commercial.

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Yin/Yang - Architecture KoenYin/Yang - Architecture KoenYin/Yang - Architecture KoenYin/Yang - Architecture Koen


Brisbane, 2009

A bathroom renovation using contrast, reflectivity, line and colour to create a space more generous than the tight dimensions would suggest. Three square, stainless steel-framed mirror panels face a wall of rich green painted glass providing a relaxing murky depth and a great canvas for soap-sud paintings! Storage utilises the depth of wall cavities to maximise free space and reduce clutter.

Pergola House - Architecture KoenPergola House - Architecture KoenPergola House - Architecture KoenPergola House - Architecture Koen

Pergola House

Brisbane, 2013

A corner block is reconceived to move living spaces away from a busy road and create a strong indoor/outdoor connection, with the existing house repurposed with minimal alterations. A vine-covered pergola links arrival with indoor and outdoor living spaces and becomes a shaded play space. Careful consideration is given to the orientation of external and internal spaces to accommodate family life and celebrations throughout the day and year.

Oblique, no. 64 - Architecture KoenOblique, no. 64 - Architecture KoenOblique, no. 64 - Architecture KoenOblique, no. 64 - Architecture Koen

Oblique, no. 64

Brisbane, 2013

A light, sculptural stair becomes the focus of this re-imagined front yard, while an existing concrete block wall provides a frame. A seat-height stone wall accommodates a new way to inhabit the space, and a protective roof is added to a car space, in keeping with the existing house. Stepping stones allow the ground surface to filter through and the space to expand. For every addition something is also taken away to enhance permeability, openness, and calm. Contrasts are created to add richness to the space ‘ weightless/massive, light/dark, lush/dry, orthogonal/oblique.


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