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Hello and welcome to Bree Architects. Our practice is based in Bendigo, Central Victoria. We are passionate about design, quality, and adding value to our client and the built environment as a whole. Our design philosophy is intrinsic to simply creating functional, economical and beautiful spaces. The types of architecture we focus on are houses, restaurants, offices, shops and schools, (in architectural terms: residential, hospitality, commercial and educations). Our aim is to provide value to each and every project, while maintaining design integrity, and our own high standards.

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Myrtle Street Residence - Bree ArchitectsMyrtle Street Residence - Bree ArchitectsMyrtle Street Residence - Bree ArchitectsMyrtle Street Residence - Bree Architects

Myrtle Street Residence

Bendigo, 2012

With a growing family and the need to accommodate visiting grandparents space was at a premium in the unassuming red brick house situated on the edge of the central business district of Bendigo. Located on a major road close to the city centre and abutting a public reserve to the rear, architect’s Johanne and Joost van Bree saw a real opportunity. Creating additional space on a limited site without adversely affecting the surrounding context proved challenging. Limited space, limited finances, and of course the professional integrity which was at stake resulted in many conversations evaluating not only the design brief but also the future of the family and the associated quality of living. Early in the design phase is was apparent that the building needed to deal with what in effect were two frontages, the existing street and the public reserve to the rear. As a portion of the existing backyard was to see the footprint of the new building mass it was important for Johanne and Joost to ensure the external spaces were not compromised at the cost of additional floor area. The spatial brief consisted of a new kitchen, informal living area, two bedrooms and an additional bathroom. Externally the spaces needed to interact with the internal areas either visually or physically via windows, courtyards and decks. Furthermore external storage space was desired.


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