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Cartesia Architects, based in Sydney, specialises in multiple and single dwelling contemporary housing. “I treat each project as unique. I seek to evolve refined architectural solutions that embrace the planning constraints of the site, and employ the most suitable materials to deliver outstanding liveability ‘ natural light, flexible space and a sense of home. Buildings are designed to minimise energy waste and life cycle cost. I have worked in large architectural practices in Europe, the United States, and in Australia as lead design architect. A number of these commercial buildings have been recognised with major industry awards.’

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RESERVE HOUSE - Cartesia ArchitectsRESERVE HOUSE - Cartesia ArchitectsRESERVE HOUSE - Cartesia ArchitectsRESERVE HOUSE - Cartesia Architects


Hunters Hill | NSW, 2008

This battleaxe site fronts the Ferdinand Reserve, facing North with views across the Lane Cove River. The H-shaped plan is developed to take advantage of the site. The structure is anchored, on its southern side, to an existing sandstone cliff. Here the roofs are landscaped to reinstate the sandstone outcrop that was partly removed for construction and provide a green outlook for houses situated uphill. The choice of material, an artisanal concrete block,was designed to address several contextual criteria: • extend a dialogue with a 19th-century sandstone edifice, “Riverview”, situated directly across the river; • respond to the locality, since the Hunters Hill suburb is noted for its historic sandstone homes; • provide a material visually compatible with the sandstone cliff. The dining room, considered the most convivial and public aspect of family life, is the centrepiece of the house. The length of the dining area spans the two main courtyards. Oversized sliding glass doors, opening to the courtyards, convert indoor dining into an outdoor experience. The flow of courtyards and rooms creates an expansive series of entertaining spaces that remain impressively private with respect to neighbours and the public reserve.



Abbotsford | NSW, 2000

This multiple housing development occupies a corner plot in the suburbs of Sydney. New planning regulations made it possible to design a project for six homes on a site where formerly only two would have been permitted. The aim of the design was to make each house look like a separate unit. The houses’ cube shape provides an easily identifiable outline and this is accentuated by the symmetry of the composition of its fa’ade. The bedrooms have been located on the ground floor, while the living room is set on the first floor, in order to take full advantage of the panoramic views. The entertainment area extends to the rooftop terraces. The expressed party walls, which incorporate chimneys and barbecue flues, protrude over eye level between units to ensure privacy. From the streetscape these party walls help reinforce the legibility of each individual unit.


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