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Our practice is a regional Queensland based design practice, focussed on delivering innovative, sustainable, exciting, invigorating design outcomes for our clients. We only want happy clients and our philosophy is to provide designs and buildings which not only deliver the outcome people are seeking but to also give them the opportunity to experience the positive effect on their senses, both visual and tactile. We spend time to educate clients who haven’t worked with us before about the design process and take them on a journey where they feel they are always an important part of the process. To the point where those clients become our most effective form of advertising and advocates.

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Council Administration Centre - CKD ArchitectsCouncil Administration Centre - CKD ArchitectsCouncil Administration Centre - CKD ArchitectsCouncil Administration Centre - CKD Architects

Council Administration Centre

Crow’s Nest, 1996

This building was built on the original site of a sawmill in the township of Crow’s Nest,, north of Toowoomba. It was important for the building to retain a country heritage whilst catering to modern day administration and work activities with facilities and spaces to accommodate that. Natural lighting and open flowing spaces make the building one that is a pleasant working environment for staff and a pleasant place for visitors to enter for business purposes.

Butlers Toyota Showroom - CKD ArchitectsButlers Toyota Showroom - CKD ArchitectsButlers Toyota Showroom - CKD ArchitectsButlers Toyota Showroom - CKD Architects

Butlers Toyota Showroom

Toowoomba, 2006

This building was created to provide the client with a proper showroom to showcase their wares, having operated on the same site for years without an internal showroom space. The only corporate requirement was to provide for corporate signage in an acceptable form and location and use of a palette of preselected colours. Other than that we had a ‘freehand’ to come up with a design to satisfy the client’s needs. The result was a ‘freehand’ building space full of natural light and open integrated spaces which are a pleasure to experience. The showroom space undoubtedly helps to sell the cars by the feeling of the space, one which people want to linger within. Lingering translates into looking. Objective achieved!

Davidson House - CKD ArchitectsDavidson House - CKD ArchitectsDavidson House - CKD ArchitectsDavidson House - CKD Architects

Davidson House

Toowoomba, 2000

This house was designed and constructed by the resident architect for himself and his wife and two children. The built form was designed to integrate within the undulating profile of the site to retain the natural form of the site whilst retaining all the mature trees. The result was a contemporary design solution, capturing expansive views, natural lighting and flowing breezes. The use of large expanses of glass provide free visual and physical flow between internal and external living spaces. The house has working active and passive control of temperature and living conditions within and retains a balance of those conditions throughout all seasons of the year. The volumes and spaces and colour selections create an interesting visual vista to walk through and provide a selection of nice spaces within which to live as a family.


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