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DVRA is a progressive, architectural practice based in Brisbane that thinks of itself more as an “Atelier”. Our Atelier is one that offers a flexible service undertaking work diverse in its typology, scale, context and culture. The same level of rigorous commitment and intensity is provided for each project regardless of its size or complexity. We approach each project from the position of our client and the perspective of future users, identifying the unique problem of each project, and in response craft a bespoke solution. The Atelier actively encourages exploration of all ideas, thoughts and concepts in pursuit of a rigorous and appropriate conceptual strategy for each project.

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Brighton Residence - DVRABrighton Residence - DVRABrighton Residence - DVRABrighton Residence - DVRA

Brighton Residence

Brisbane, 2009

The Brighton Residence was designed for a couple who wanted to build a spacious home for their growing family which included children and grandchildren. The 2 storey home caters for how they like to live currently as well as for their future needs. A refined material palette of sheet metal and fibre cement cladding combined with careful window placement creates striking facades for the home which are site specific. Subtropical design fundamentals including vegetation, cross ventilation, natural light & solar control deliver a pleasant living environment while large decks take advantage of the views to Moreton Bay along with the afternoon sea breezes.

Paddington Office Entry Extension - DVRAPaddington Office Entry Extension - DVRAPaddington Office Entry Extension - DVRAPaddington Office Entry Extension - DVRA

Paddington Office Entry Extension

Brisbane, 2006

The building owner of this office building was looking to give it new life after it had become quite insipid. The extension called for a new entry to the level 1 tenancy along with various facade treatments such as window sun shading, new awnings, new paintwork and floor finish treatment. The result is a reinvigorated building with a layered facade creating an inviting entrance to the building.

(S)helves + Kaleidoscope Stool + Wright Light - DVRA(S)helves + Kaleidoscope Stool + Wright Light - DVRA(S)helves + Kaleidoscope Stool + Wright Light - DVRA(S)helves + Kaleidoscope Stool + Wright Light - DVRA

(S)helves + Kaleidoscope Stool + Wright Light

Brisbane, 2014

Whilst we love practicing the craft of architecture, we also love making furniture. The following describes three of our furniture projects: | (S)helves | As the name suggests, these shelves have a distinct “S” or “2” form depending on which angle you look at them from. The design picks up on modernist design cues, emphasises the cantilever and appear to be floating. The shelves are made from Surian Cedar. | Kaleidoscope Stool | Made from New Guinea Rosewood, the Kaleidoscope stool plays with the concept of mass, with the solid and faceted top coming to four small points. | Wright Light | The table or bed side lamp is adjustable allowing for the feature light bulb to be positioned at various angles. The variability is controlled by a custom brass bolt and knobs. The light base is made from American Black Walnut and features a purpose made slot for an iphone, while the rest of the light is made from Black Wattle timber and features slot details.


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