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The presentation of two different views simultaneously A practice born from varied design backgrounds and a vision for a studio that provides not only a professional service but bespoke architectural solutions. Driven by a belief in the art of architecture as a global resource, and equally our place within it. We are a studio that promotes collaboration across the board, to achieve a high degree of support for the design, encouraging new insights that can lead to design innovation. Paring back the brief to see past the conspicuous, we seek to provide inspirational spaces and a connection to nature and the individual. From the large scale to the small, for public or for private, we are unassuming by nature, acknowledging the non-linearity of the process.With an open mind and without preconceptions, we approach each project as an opportunity for architecture as a discourse. Backed by critical thinking and a design methodology that eliminates compromise and crystallizes the brief, no matter how challenging. Driven by curiosity and exploration, yet bearing in mind budgetary constraints, we work with the client to achieve crafted, considered and provocative results.

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Cubby House - Edwards MooreCubby House - Edwards MooreCubby House - Edwards MooreCubby House - Edwards Moore

Cubby House

Melbourne, 2010

Extension & renovation of an apartment overlooking an adjacent public swimming pool. The Concept To provide additional floor area for an upper level bedroom/study space and new bathroom with the lower level acting as the main living space.Inspired by the ‘raumplan’concept – designing continuous spaces for living rather than regularly divided floors with limited flexibility – the house has minimal doors and walls. Incorporating pool views and making it part of the i

lightbox house - Edwards Moorelightbox house - Edwards Moorelightbox house - Edwards Moorelightbox house - Edwards Moore

lightbox house

north carlton, 2013

A small single storey terrace house, dwarfed by the surrounding urban fabric. The aim, to increase the quality and scale of the living spaces within, improve the sense of aspect/outlook and access to natural light, whilst maintaining a private and comforting oasis. By considering the addition of the second floor not simply as the addition of horizontal plane perched atop the existing structure, but equally as a vertical room which, through it’s connectivity between ‘branches’, creates a great sense of volume and unity within the dwelling as a whole. The translucent skin floods the spaces with natural light, and strategically placed openings create a central internal landscape.

melissa shoe store - Edwards Mooremelissa shoe store - Edwards Mooremelissa shoe store - Edwards Mooremelissa shoe store - Edwards Moore

melissa shoe store

Melbourne , 2012

Melissa shoes A flagship store for the Brazilian shoe brand, the fitout needed to reflect the internationally renowned brand as well as support the unique product. A dream commission that required an equally unique response. Housed in a corner site in Melbourne’s QV centre, a highly visible high traffic area it was essential that the fitout provided a visual feast for the passing pedestrian, a dynamic and constantly evolving space. Internally the need was to create another world, a sensory delight. Using nearly 300 PTFE plastic spheres threaded onto tensioned cables mounted around the perimeter provides a separation between customer and pedestrian whilst encouraging views into the store and generating intrigue.The ‘bubbles’ celebrate the materiality synonymous with the product. The bubbles themselves providing the display for the shoes, a bespoke fitting utilising a suction cap, allows for shoes to be mounted anywhere within the display.The rear wall of the store acts as a giant billboard, a canvas for the signature graphics and artwork produced for each new designer range, ensuring views of the store do not dwell only on the perimeter. The use of muted and understated colours means the fitout doesn’t compete with, but supports the shoes, whilst programmable integrated LED lighting allows for an unlimited amount of colours to wash over the displays and create a truly dream-


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