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We provide architectural services with a focus on exploring adaptive opportunities for heritage places. The high quality of our practice continues to achieve recognition with award winning projects. The quality of our design outcomes is grounded in our approach to all stages of the design process; from concept to completion. We very much enjoy residential work from substantial additions to new houses. We are well versed in small to medium scale commercial developments and have had experience in numerous other building types. The practice has undertaken projects valued from $100,000 to $25m.

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Lake Avenue Residence - Griffiths ArchitectsLake Avenue Residence - Griffiths ArchitectsLake Avenue Residence - Griffiths ArchitectsLake Avenue Residence - Griffiths Architects

Lake Avenue Residence

Shenton Park , 2009

Awards Inaugural AIA Mondoluce Award for lighting. This house broke new ground in Subiaco and was one of the first of its kind, size, and one of the first flat roofed residences to be approved. Shenton Park Residence takes advantage of its north/south orientation and its views over Lake Jualbup to create a passive solar design inspired by an industrial aesthetic. It is a four-bedroom house with living spaces on the ground floor extending to north and south terraces that provide outdoor living spaces all year round. Off form concrete blade walls and polished concrete floors give the place its industrial aesthetic. Planning and detail create more intimate spaces; a study, bedrooms and a lounge overlooking the lake. Snippets Solar design principles have created a house that is well shaded, highly insulated and takes advantage of flushing sea breezes and thermal mass properties.

Fremantle Prison - Griffiths ArchitectsFremantle Prison - Griffiths ArchitectsFremantle Prison - Griffiths ArchitectsFremantle Prison - Griffiths Architects

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle, Western Australia, 2012

The project reveals different layers of history. By uncovering stone flag floors, removing paint from stone walls to reveal construction techniques as well as increasing visibility to former openings, a more profound experience of the place was achieved. This project developed from a deep understanding of the four cell block divisions and was guided by documentary evidence and physical investigations.

Jacksons - Griffiths ArchitectsJacksons - Griffiths ArchitectsJacksons - Griffiths ArchitectsJacksons - Griffiths Architects


Subiaco, Western Australia, 2010

The original buildings had lost much of their detail and the dry cleaning factory represented gross under use of the site, as well as presenting a long blank frontage to Forrest Walk. Significant concessions were obtained under newly formulated policies to support heritage conservation. The new design activated the buildings’ frontages and produced a much better return on a central city site. Increased street activation has been achieved and the development will successfully link in with projects that will eventually take place to the west of the site. The practice assisted with the development of non-financial incentives for conservation with the City of Subiaco.


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