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HASSELL is an international design practice with 14 studios in Australia, China, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. An interdisciplinary practice, we combine expertise in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and planning with integrated sustainability and urban design capabilities. HASSELL Brisbane is a significant part of this Australian company, with all disciplines well represented and strong growth providing Queenslanders with the opportunity to work on projects throughout the State and on national and international projects.

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Ecosciences Precinct - HASSELL QLDEcosciences Precinct - HASSELL QLDEcosciences Precinct - HASSELL QLDEcosciences Precinct - HASSELL QLD

Ecosciences Precinct

Brisbane, 2010

This project has broken new ground in the collaboration and collocation of diverse science agencies into shared laboratory, office and support facilities to optimise the potential for discovery and intellectual exchange. HASSELL led the briefing process to engage the 1000 scientists in a multi-agency workshopping process to ensure the collaborative intent was realised. The Ecosciences Precinct at Boggo Road brings together Queensland State Government research groups in primary industries, fisheries, natural resources, water, environmental protection and six divisions of CSIRO into a collaborative and co-located research environment optimising sharing of laboratory and support functions. The Ecosciences Precinct includes extensive greenhouse facilities together with chemistry, microbiology, biology and ecology laboratories. The facility also has a significant supercomputing capability with sophisticated computational science and modelling groups.

123 Albert Street - HASSELL QLD123 Albert Street - HASSELL QLD123 Albert Street - HASSELL QLD123 Albert Street - HASSELL QLD

123 Albert Street

Brisbane, 2011

In the core of Brisbane’s CBD, located on an important corner position near Queen Street Mall, this 35 storey high-rise building accommodates approximately 38,250 sqm of flexible office space above a five storey podium building. The streetscape is activated by retail on the street corner as well as in the depth of the site through the establishment of a new mid block pedestrian connection. Our design represents both passive and active strategies to achieve a 6 Star Green Star Design rating for the project and a target 5 star NABERS Energy rating plus 40% CO2 reduction. Key initiatives include strategic orientation of building elements to maximise shading, external shading combined with a high performance facade on the exposed elevations, optimisation of daylight and stateof- the-art building services to reduce the building’s impact on the environment.

Health and Food Science Precinct - HASSELL QLDHealth and Food Science Precinct - HASSELL QLDHealth and Food Science Precinct - HASSELL QLDHealth and Food Science Precinct - HASSELL QLD

Health and Food Science Precinct

Brisbane, 2011

The Health and Food Science Precinct at Coopers Plains provides laboratories for 200 scientists integrating animal and food science facilities with the existing Queensland Health Scientific Services facilities housing 550 scientists. The food science facilities will include pilot plant, sensory facilities and laboratories whilst the animal facilities will include large animal necropsy, PC3 analytical chemistry and microbiology research laboratories. The key driver in planning this facility was collocation of new facilities with those existing to facilitate sharing. In addition, a unique attribute is the collocation and interconnection of PC3, human and animal virology laboratories in the fight against SARS.


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