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JDA Architects provide services tailored to meet with each specific clients needs. Our clients range from single home owners & families to national organisations. Every project is important to us – no matter how big or small. We are big enough to undertake projects in excess of $50m to projects as small as $70 000 thousand! A Director is appointed to every project to see the project from begining to end and beyond. JDA have skill and experience in Healthcare, Aged care villages, residential stand alone & multi-unit developemnts (apartments & housing estates), commercial office, retail and warehousing or industrial projects. We look forward to understanding your project requirements.

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Edgecliff Apartments - JDA ArchitectsEdgecliff Apartments - JDA ArchitectsEdgecliff Apartments - JDA ArchitectsEdgecliff Apartments - JDA Architects

Edgecliff Apartments

15 Beach Road Hampton, 2010

Edgecliff Apartments comprises 70 luxury apartments with 6 town houses on Brighton Beach. The development maximised developer value in creatively interpreting the Town Planning restrictions of delivering a four storey building in a two storey height zone. This was achieved by excavating the entire site and utelizing some of the basement as courtyard area affording some double level apartments access to effectively below ground coutyrads letting natural light into lower levels. The opposite was true for the Penthouses, where the roof or attic space was carved out to create expansive homes on the top level. The building is generous in every way, with simple yet quality finishes throughout, offering value for money for the location, now and an investment into the future. Competatively priced apatrments ales continued unabetd through the GFC. The exterior of the building is shaded by means of galvanised steel structures which support the balconies and sunscreens with glass balustrades offering privacy without enclosing the exterior spaces.

St Finbars - JDA ArchitectsSt Finbars - JDA ArchitectsSt Finbars - JDA ArchitectsSt Finbars - JDA Architects

St Finbars

Nepean Highway, 2010

As Part of the BER JDA were comissioned to deliver a multi-purpose sholll hall on a constrined site for St Finbars School. The together with the client JDA maximised the return of capital invested to achieve a truely multi-purpose facility that is operational from pre-school through schoolday activities and after school care. The building was conceptualised to create the feeling of large important meeting place while at the same time at the side to provide an intemate home setting for children awaiting pick-up after school. The after school center is reduced in scale and is residential in nature.


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