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Level 9, Carlow House 289 Flinders lane MELBOURNE VIC 3000 Australia

Molecule aims to create a distinctive, holistic vision for every project; in allowing the brief and context of a project to wield genuine influence on its design, an identity or character inevitably develops. Whether an immersive brand experience or a room of a house that’s tailored to a landscape view, Molecule projects are definitive, unique and endure in one’s memory. If humanist design is our first passion, design management is our second. Working across diverse project types and scales, we believe that processes can be designed as carefully as projects themselves. These processes ensure issues of timing, budget and procurement are considered with rigour and sincerity.

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Flourish Paediatrics - MoleculeFlourish Paediatrics - MoleculeFlourish Paediatrics - MoleculeFlourish Paediatrics - Molecule

Flourish Paediatrics

South Melbourne, 2011

Our paediatrician client requested an environment to calm unwell children and their concerned parents. Using joinery to solve the spatial dilemma presented by the existing narrow shop, a thickened cabinetry wall is inserted to create the consultation room as a contained space within another, while concealing a multitude of medical and office equipment. The primacy of children in the space is reflected in unexpected ways, avoiding kindergarten formulae and instead exploring issues of scale and playful detailing.

Grong Grong - MoleculeGrong Grong - MoleculeGrong Grong - MoleculeGrong Grong - Molecule

Grong Grong

Toorak, Melbourne, 2011

To achieve this award-winning atmosphere and contrast of experience, we re-cast the building as an exclusive private hotel. To step inside is to be transported in Alice in Wonderland style to an alternate reality that feels miles from the street outside. Joinery distinguishes the scheme: avoiding an obvious newness, its sympathetic treatment provides a cohesive, finely tuned substrate against which daily life and its objects are layered. Modern furniture drawn from history and beguiling artworks are used throughout to enhance the palette of each space and, importantly, to throw visitors’ expectations off their axes.

Studio Round - MoleculeStudio Round - MoleculeStudio Round - MoleculeStudio Round - Molecule

Studio Round

Melbourne, 2012

Design agency Studio Round sought to refine its laneway heritage premises, which we achieved with three primary insertions: a box, partition walls and reception joinery. Steel and polycarbonate walls create a semi-transparent box to enclose a new meeting zone, whose structure echoes the existing window frames. The reception unit and partition walls formalise the entry; reconfigured workstations and hidden zones for production and storage streamline workplace ergonomics. The design language and material palette are subtle and respectful; each new element feels like it has always been there. Providing colour and interest is the studio


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