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2/52 Albion Street SURRY HILLS NSW 2010 Australia

PBD Architects and Project Managers is a multi-disciplined Design/ Development Management practice committed to creating buildings that meet objectives of the project brief and adhere to the highest Architectural standard. With the experience and delivery capability to take projects through from inception to completion, PBD are often engaged to prepare initial feasibility studies on raw sites generating both a design concept and financial plan for building procurement. The practice has established links to a network of clients ranging from individual investors, local development companies and major international listed development corporations.

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Freshwater Sands - PBD ArchitectsFreshwater Sands - PBD ArchitectsFreshwater Sands - PBD ArchitectsFreshwater Sands - PBD Architects

Freshwater Sands

Freshwater, TBA

Building articulation/ detailing, materials and roof form have been integrated within the treatment of the design to reflect the beach-side culture of the locality. A careful composition of building elements, textures, materials and colours ensure this development will contribute to the village centre’s identity providing a cohesive visual appearance whilst maintaining the small-scale village topography of the immediate context.

The London - PBD ArchitectsThe London - PBD ArchitectsThe London - PBD ArchitectsThe London - PBD Architects

The London

North Sydney, TBA

The site is located on the outer edge of what would be considered the CBD where a gradual change can be seen with the emergence of new residential apartments now becoming more apparent on the fringe of the commercial centre. A modern juxtaposition of building elements, textures and materials creates a bold presence along the street-scape. Framed masonry elements are used to break down the massing of the podium and provide a stepping transition between the neighbouring buildings. An art/ screen facade between these framed structures carries through to ground level emphasizing the main lobby entrance point.

Cargo Lane - PBD ArchitectsCargo Lane - PBD ArchitectsCargo Lane - PBD ArchitectsCargo Lane - PBD Architects

Cargo Lane

Alexandria , TBA

A raw blend of modern building elements, textures and materials have been juxtaposed against the fabric of an existing façade, a portion of which has been retained to recognize its intrinsic value within the streetscape. Cargo Lane utilizes a palette of materials including steel, concrete and metal paneling within the design detailing and articulation to acknowledge and respect the sites relationship to previous industrial uses. The use of a bold concrete frame along the main Wyndham Street frontage accentuates the building entry, which is broken down via a series of screen louvers and vertical gardens. Fixed timber screen elements and long draping ivy aid in softening the main structural fabric of the development creating a harmonious rhythm of light and shadow within the design. Deep soil landscaping within a secure internal communal courtyard provides for a green urban retreat to be utilized by all occupants. Alexandria will benefit from a unique development contemporary in design and complimentary to its urban history and immediate context.


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