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We are a team of enthusiastic people who love what we do. We have a genuine interest in our clients and our clients’ business. We work as a team, and like to be innovative, responding quickly and efficiently. We listen, learn, and are ready to inspire you with our creativity. We come together as an Australian based design studio for the property industry, specialising in; – Architecture – Interior Architecture – Landscape Architecture – Urban Design – Planning – Transport Planning – Communications

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Netball Central - Scott Carver Pty LtdNetball Central - Scott Carver Pty LtdNetball Central - Scott Carver Pty LtdNetball Central - Scott Carver Pty Ltd

Netball Central

Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, 2015

The new state-of-the-art ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Netball NSW is located on Olympic Boulevard at Sydney Olympic Park, the new Centre sits immediately in front of the Sports Centre and provides a new benchmark for netball facilities in Australia. A joint venture, funded by Communities NSW Sport and Recreation, the complex comprises of five international standard courts, an additional ‘Show’ court which seats more than 800 people, an education and training room, athlete rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities, amenities for players, officials and spectators, as well as providing the headquarters and training facilities for Netball NSW and the NSW Swifts. In choosing innovative materials to realise a strong and streamlined design, Scott Carver’s plans for the centre maximised the potential of the tight, triangular site. Value engineering was a priority and sustainability imperative. The roof features steel profile sheeting, with skylights above the courts. This profile continues as louvres on the Olympic Boulevard elevation, giving solar glare protection while enabling 100% natural ventilation of all six courts, which are aligned along the Boulevard. This design decision also enables direct emergency exit to the street instead of requiring extra internal space for egress.

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta - Scott Carver Pty LtdCatholic Diocese of Parramatta - Scott Carver Pty LtdCatholic Diocese of Parramatta - Scott Carver Pty LtdCatholic Diocese of Parramatta - Scott Carver Pty Ltd

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Parramatta, NSW, DA

The Catholic Diocese is proposing to combine their separate agencies together into one location adjacent to the historic centre of worship, St Patrick’s Cathedral. The proposed co-location will create a campus-style arrangement that reflects a multitude of uses, reminiscent of the site’s important historical and environmental context. Our approach to this design challenge was to emphasise the concept of place, where the design and scale of the spaces created and defined by the new and existing structures were equally important as the buildings themselves. Integral to this concept was the ability to create a symbolic focal point for the Church’s activities that was both dynamic and assertive whilst remaining sensitive to its historical significance. The proposed design consists of two new integrated office buildings that provide the workspace for a variety of agencies in a flexible environment designed to foster collaboration and learning; and a new and enlarged Parish Hall that will allow flexibility of usable spaces for Parish and Diocese functions and events. Running parallel to the main commercial building colonnade, St Patricks Place provides a strong pedestrian tree lined space that links Victoria Road to the former Kings School grounds, while a new residential building comprising over 70 apartments transitions around the corner of Victoria Road and O’Connell Street

The Residence Hyde Park - Scott Carver Pty LtdThe Residence Hyde Park - Scott Carver Pty LtdThe Residence Hyde Park - Scott Carver Pty LtdThe Residence Hyde Park - Scott Carver Pty Ltd

The Residence Hyde Park

18 College Street, Sydney, 2011

Scott Carver’s flagship upcycling project is complete. Transformed from a 1970s office building,The Residence has achieved the highest residential values in Australian history. Civic amenity and powerful design connections to its context are integral to the project’s value. By virtue of fitting streets to geography or perhaps merely through serendipity, the Residence straddles an axis that connects the paired shells of the Opera House and the twin spires of St Mary’s Cathedral. The tower is segregated into two slender wings when viewed from the north, one overlooking the morning and the Eastern Suburbs, the other looking into the western afternoon, the city lights and Hyde Park. Twin sentries flank a space between, an implied gateway, a way through. The pair of forms then allows for adaptation of the building’s language and scale to each of the precincts they separately address. The podium, forming a base from distant views, is designed to engage local observation through its higher order of detail and finish in Hawkesbury sandstone.


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