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steelehouse architecture is a small design focused practice delivering unique solutions to particular client conditions. Primarily experienced in single residential and additions projects. We strive to provide thoroughly considered and environmentally sensitive buildings. Within compelling composition of form.

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Ellesmere St - steelehouseEllesmere St - steelehouseEllesmere St - steelehouseEllesmere St - steelehouse

Ellesmere St

Mt Hawthorn, 2013

A rear addition to an existing house. To provide a more open, naturally lit and spacious series of living spaces along with a new kitchen, laundry and 2 additional children’s bedroom’s well connected to living spaces and rear alfresco and yard. This was achieved by negotiating the connection of the south facing addition via a couple of clerestory windows which allowed the new parts to receive winter sun and the form of the addition to shroud the junction with a tough but nurturing skin which then opened to reveal a softer underbelly as the welcome transition at the alfresco.


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