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Vil Brickman Architects is an architectural practice based in Coffs Harbour and has been operating since 1993. We strive to maintain the highest professional standards for all projects undertaken by us in accordance with the following objectives: To achieve a consistently high level of client satisfaction with our service. To develop a reputation for quality service to our clients. To continuously improve the quality of the service we provide to our clients. To utilise technology to improve the efficiency of our service. To adopt responsible attitudes to the environment and broader community in the commissions we under take.

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Nautique - Vil Brickman ArchitectsNautique - Vil Brickman ArchitectsNautique - Vil Brickman ArchitectsNautique - Vil Brickman Architects


Diggers Beach, Coffs Harbour, 2008

The irregular sloping site is located in a desirable residential neighbourhood close to beach and facilities. It comprises 4,900 square metres with a street frontage of 38 metres, and is zoned for low density residential usage. The challenge for VBA was to achieve the maximum yield for the developer client, whilst satisfying the various provisions of the low density housing development control plan. Our solution was to group the 12 dwellings on site in 6 separate buildings in a loose courtyard configuration, arranged with careful regard to context, scale, vehicle access, streetscape, private and communal open space and landscaping. Three alternative floor plans were developed as direct responses to topography, aspect, privacy and available views. Each dwelling provides direct access from living areas to north facing outdoor spaces.

Gateway House - Vil Brickman ArchitectsGateway House - Vil Brickman ArchitectsGateway House - Vil Brickman ArchitectsGateway House - Vil Brickman Architects

Gateway House

Home Base, Coffs Harbour, 2009

VBA was invited to join the project team assembled by North Coast Gateway Centre Pty Ltd., a member of the Bachrach Group, to prepare a successful submission for a design construct and lease offer for a major Centrelink Call Centre. The proposal comprised a commercial office building which provides a total of 5,000 sq. metres of commercial floor space, for which Centrelink is the major tenant. The design complies with Centrelink Properties Performance Specifications which include stringent requirements for energy efficiency and large column free floor areas. VBA prepared design concepts, design development and contract documentation in a close collaboration with the project director deGroot & Benson.

Pacific Villas - Vil Brickman ArchitectsPacific Villas - Vil Brickman ArchitectsPacific Villas - Vil Brickman ArchitectsPacific Villas - Vil Brickman Architects

Pacific Villas

Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour, 2004

Won in a limited concept design competition this project delivers the final stage of a 36 unit secure residential complex developed by Thakral Holdings adjacent to the Pacific Bay Resort. The layouts of the 12 villas respond to the filtered costal views and care was taken to also integrate the design with earlier stages. VBA maintained close working relationships with Pacific Bay Properties and the project director Rider Hunt and Partners throughout the project.


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