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YOUR ARCHITECT is a client focused architecture practice delivering high quality design in residential and boutique commercial projects. Our attention to detail, proportion and scale combined with functional practicality produces comfortable, efficient and elegant spaces. We offer a FREE initial consultation to make it easy to meet an architect and understand see what we can do for your project.

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Tiny House - Your ArchitectTiny House - Your ArchitectTiny House - Your ArchitectTiny House - Your Architect

Tiny House

Petrie Terrace, 2011

Our client was delighted to see how much house we could fit on their 180sqm block without compromising the quality and feel of the spaces. Due to very strict town planning requirements, the external of the building was limited to a very traditional aesthetic, but this was matched with a very contemporary layout. Rather than a front or back yard that was overlooked by the street, we instead located a raised internal courtyard that allowed us to turn the house inward facing. Everyone who visits the house is amazed by the openness and light in the main living spaces, so unexpected from the outside of the house.

Hill House - Your ArchitectHill House - Your ArchitectHill House - Your ArchitectHill House - Your Architect

Hill House

Mt Nebo, 2011

This experimental sustainable home has been an ongoing project with various stages that continue to develop. All supply of water, power and sewerage provided on site through water tanks, grey water systems, biocycle toilets, solar panels and solar hot water as well as low maintenance long life recyclable materials such as steel frame and cladding. In addition to the more typical built responses to the environment, the clients have also chosen a complimentary lifestyle approach that works with the house.

Just a deck - Your ArchitectJust a deck - Your ArchitectJust a deck - Your ArchitectJust a deck - Your Architect

Just a deck

Brisbane, 2011

Architects often show great projects, however many clients simply want a beautiful deck. Here are some of the simple deck renovations we have completed this year. The following decks are at Clayfield, Samford, Wavell Heights and Arana Hills.


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