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Aspect Architecture is a design-lead practice that is committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients. How do we do this? We listen to you. We appreciate the financial investment you are making. We know what it takes to make a great building. and most of all we LOVE architecture, and firmly believe in its power to enhance the lives of those who experience it. We concentrate our efforts in the S.E QLD and Northern NSW regions – from the coast into the country.

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Cash House - Aspect ArchitectureCash House - Aspect ArchitectureCash House - Aspect ArchitectureCash House - Aspect Architecture

Cash House

Eumundi, QLD, 2008

The Cash House is a great example of contemporary rural living. The building featured efficient planning and structural design, combined with robust form and materials to result in a vibrant and interesting country home. A rural aesthetic was obtained by breaking the building into smaller parts, or pavilions. Each pavilion with it’s steeply pitched roof, use of horizontal cladding and corrugated iron, acts to form part of a contemporary yet respectfully rural building.

The internal spaces connect seamlessly with the environment through the use of very specific openings, and a deck which cantilevers over a small dam. The central living pavilion provides a communal gathering space whilst the sleeping pavilions on either side provide a private refuge for family or guests.

Climatically the building uses all natural ventilation, with each pavilion carefully designed to allow cross flow breeze to every space. An air conditioning system was installed but lies dormant for the majority of the year. The north east orientation of the main building axis allows excellent solar access during the morning and winter periods whilst the ensuites of the sleeping pavilions act as a buffer from the western sun.

The project won a regional commendation from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

On The Rocks - Aspect ArchitectureOn The Rocks - Aspect ArchitectureOn The Rocks - Aspect ArchitectureOn The Rocks - Aspect Architecture

On The Rocks

Yamba, NSW, 2010

Located with its base literally secured into the rock shelf of the Yamba (New South Wales) foreshore, this existing four storey unit block has been gutted and renovated to create two luxury apartments. Previously used as holiday apartment accommodation with an owner’s residence on the top floor, the masonry structure provided a solid basis for which to transform the building.

The site is located in a highly visible, highly contentious, and highly legislatively controlled area of the Yamba beachfront. Aspect was commissioned to undertake all aspects of the design, documentation, construction period services and negotiations with many parties including local councillors, neighbours, potential purchasers, consultants and real estate agents.

Providing a design which accommodated out client’s needs, and satisfied all other parties was challenging and complex. Through an intimate understanding of the requirements of all parties and the knowing the details of the various applicable development codes, Aspect was able to achieve substantial compromise and maximise the potential of this particular site and this particular project.

The project now consists of two luxury apartments, each located over two floors of the building, and each with multiple indoor and outdoor living spaces, three bedrooms, a study and three carparks.

Clayfield House - Aspect ArchitectureClayfield House - Aspect ArchitectureClayfield House - Aspect ArchitectureClayfield House - Aspect Architecture

Clayfield House

Clayfield, QLD, 2010

This extensive renovation and extension project entailed the transformation of a ‘bare-bones’ original pre-war weatherboard dwelling with the common ground floor concrete and dirt carport/storage/laundry area, and upper floor living spaces.

Two large old Mango trees were the our inspiration for the planning regime/concept of the house as we felt cutting them down would be a terrible intervention on our behalf. To this end a large undercover entertaining area was added which skirted one of the trees and connected to the games room and guest bedroom which are sitauted at the base of the second tree.

This layout also allowed for our second major concept of the house which was full utilisation of the site – to maximise the use of the outdoor areas, especially the Northern oriented back yard.

We did some major surgery on the house, bearing in mind planning restrictions and also the desire to minimise structural building works in order to keep the construction spend down.

To play off the solid blocky shape of the existing house, and to announce the re-invention of the building, we used a series of new angular masses that both project out of the existing shell and also form new sections of the house – acting to tie the new with the old.


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