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Circa Morris-Nunn Architects was formed as an evolution of Morris-Nunn + Associates in 2010. While building on the strong design ethic of MN+A, this evolution reflects a subtle change in the direction of the practice to one of an even more inclusive, studio based design approach that draws from a wide range of experience, values and expertise and allows a creative inventiveness unique to our office. Circa Morris-Nunn Architects believes that dialogue and collaboration both inside and outside the studio are core to our successful projects. This allows each new design to be examined from first principles, and a unique solution to be forwarded.

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Saffire - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdSaffire - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdSaffire - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdSaffire - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty Ltd


Coles Bay, Tasmania, 2010

From its inception, Saffire was imagined as an iconic project to redefine tourism in Tasmania.// The location, when we inherited it, was scarred from its previous use as a disused caravan park so the project became as much about repairing the site and interpreting its unique qualities as it was about creating a tourist destination.. With this in mind, we shaped the main building as the end point of a continuing journey, in which views of the Hazards are shielded and revealed and finally presented inside the building as a panoramic overview of Great Oyster Bay.// The resort is also organic in its relationship to the site. Its form evokes memories of coastal land forms, dunes, waves or sea creatures. The journey moves from the monumental to the more intimate personal spaces of the suites.// These are small waves or creatures, arranged on the site as if marking the tidal shoreline. The passage between the units is a metaphor for a beach, the suites moored like small craft run up onto the sand. Each suite is enclosing and private, yet opens to an individually personalised view of a much more intimate in scale.

IXL Redevelopment - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdIXL Redevelopment - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdIXL Redevelopment - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdIXL Redevelopment - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty Ltd

IXL Redevelopment

Hobart, 2005

The genesis of the revitalising of a derelict row of historic warehouses began with MN+A with patrick stanton creating a winning submission as a response to a Tasmanian government competition for the redevelopment of the site.// MN+A advocated the recycling of the historic architectural elements of Hobart’s oldest waterfront warehouses with innovative contemporary design and an infusion of the visual and performing arts, in order to create a new cultural precinct for Hobart.// The basic ideas which underpinned our thinking throughout all aspects of the project were always towards the retention of the unique quality of the warehouses with the most absolutely minimal alteration of their original historic character; the inclusion of the latest techniques in order to achieve long term sustainable environmental design solutions, and the collaboration of various arts groups, especially the Hobart Art School ,as partners in enhancing the overall quality throughout the buildings.// The project is now attacting national and international interest and acclaim.

Islington - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdIslington - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdIslington - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty LtdIslington - Circa Morris-Nunn Pty Ltd


Hobart, 2005

Islington is one of Tasmania’s finest Regency mansions.// Like many other historic properties, it was converted to visitor accommodation in the 1980s in a way that totally devalued the historic property.// The project focused on restoring the house to its former quality, and in the process the addition of 11 sumptuous new guest suites within the original building and within the surrounding gardens.// Inside each guest suite new bathrooms with glowing translucent white marble walls, provide a jewel like quality to compliment and add a new dimension to the colonial architecture. A new glazed conservatory/dining passively warms the interior of the old mansion.// Islington is a boutique hotel of unsurpassed quality, offering exceptional accommodation for discerning travellers in Tasmania.


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