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Cumulus Studio is a Tasmanian Architecture practice, located in both Launceston & Hobart. It is a collaboration between Peter Walker and Todd Henderson as a recognition that great ideas are developed through sharing and workshopping ideas together in a co-operative way. These ideas can take on any size or form as required by conditions. With the combined experience of over 25 years our involvement in some of Tasmania’s most successful public and private architectural projects has also shown us the fundamental role that creative solutions combined with cost focus plays in all projects.

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Courtyard House - Cumulus StudioCourtyard House - Cumulus StudioCourtyard House - Cumulus StudioCourtyard House - Cumulus Studio

Courtyard House

Launceston, 2010

A large private residence located on a semi-rural / residential site just outside the small town of Dilston on the eastern bank of the Tamar River. The site affords 360º views of the surrounding landscape that includes the Tamar River to the south and rural landscape to the north. The house is organised as series of pavilions that are linked by a glazed corridor. Each wing contains a distinct requirement of the program – family areas, children’s rooms, guest accommodation and parents’ retreat – and can be used independently of each other. The pavilions are arranged to create a range of courtyards that respond to particular aspects of the site and create both internal and external living areas.

Willie Smiths - Cumulus StudioWillie Smiths - Cumulus StudioWillie Smiths - Cumulus StudioWillie Smiths - Cumulus Studio

Willie Smiths

Huon, 2014

The project involved the conversion of an old timber apple packing shed building into the home of Willie Smith’s Cider – ‘Apple Shed’ as it is now known, was envisaged not only as a cider house & tasting bar, but also to be an expression of the revitalisation of the Huon Valley and a rediscovery of the valley’s apple heritage. Through some simple architectural interventions – removing all of the internal walls and clutter that had built up over the years, introduction of natural light, refurbishing the industrial sliding doors and insertion of a new bar / kitchen – the original Apple Museum has been transformed into a timber shed again which has become an active social hub for the local community. Working in conjunction with Futago and our client, all of the previous memorabilia, pieces of equipment, displays and products were sorted and catalogued and an interpretation storey developed. This was then presented in an informal interpretation which revolves around the new tasting bar.


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