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Our progressive studio focuses on the enhancement of experience and relationship to place. We provide services for Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Interior Design and believe that the unification of these elements maintains the strongest composition. The functional performance of a building is a crucial part of the design, through its planning, breathing, lighting and sustainability while beauty, presence and vitality are of absolute importance. This harmony brings a heightened sense of ‘ourselves’ within a tailored space.

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Hawthorn, Victoria, 2013

Neo Gothic inspirations drawn from the history of Hawthorn developed an aesthetic and form that aspires to promote design for context and local significance. Challenging historic boundaries, the response seeks to engage the user as well as the existing fabric of the tight streets leading down to the Yarra river. Local bricks, concrete and steel form the basis of the heavy response to site conditions. Lobby spaces are connected by central staircases through six levels. Top levels open to far reaching views beyond. Lower levels connect with the street and leafy surrounds. The larger of the two residences has oversized vertical openings to enhance and engage with proportions of the scheme, the central axis connects to these openings throughout. The smaller scheme recesses large openings to connect with the skyline to the West and Port Phillip Bay to the South. Circulation encourages interaction between users in light filled public areas, with private spaces connected through darker ante spaces. Joinery and a custom designed ‘Lobby Chair’ embrace the vertical proportions of the fabric of this area of Melbourne.

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Harkaway, Victoria, 2015

The response to the site and existing conditions was to conflict with the current residence, yet maintain a connection. The existing residence is disconnected with the surrounding environment. The new forms seek to shift away, maximising views and connections across and through the site. The design is split into two levels, with upper and lower elements, connected by a central stair and linear ramp. The two new forms are proportionally thin and long, encouraging interaction with surrounding paddocks, allowing for areas of the building to be isolated depending on season and use, much like the areas of the working farm this building occupies. The romantic ideals of the scheme are based in the low-lying connection to the ground and


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