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Ian Dewar & Associates Architects has practiced for nearly 40 years in WA. We are known to produce elegant energy efficient buildings in the fields of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Religious. We are particularly good sympathetically inserting contemporary functions into heritage buildings and contemporary buildings into heritage precincts. Design awards and general acclaim have come our way for this class of work. we are NICE PEOPLE making NICE BUILDINGS for NICE PEOPLE fulfilling THEIR DREAMS not OUR DREAMS

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THE BLINKER - Ian Dewar & Associates ArchitectsTHE BLINKER - Ian Dewar & Associates ArchitectsTHE BLINKER - Ian Dewar & Associates ArchitectsTHE BLINKER - Ian Dewar & Associates Architects



Essential man has always required his essential house to be A HEARTH AND A ROOF OVER HIS HEAD with his inner self pleased if these are visually expressed. Here the brief goes much further including demands for light and outlook on a tiny block. The solution is a high ‘platform for living and viewing’ with ancillary accommodation pushed underground to satisfy height restrictions. The total floor area is 384m2 on a 306m2, 9.5m wide, steeply sloping lot yet it fully satisfies the client brief and every statutory requirement including energy efficiency. Contemporary in style it still complements the traditional streetscape. This demonstrates that burdensome parameters can be satisfied with skill and hard work. With outlook essential, privacy for the occupants and neighbours was of real concern built all interested parties have been accommodated. Windows were carefully placed and oriented. Roof gardens and balconies were equipped with suitable screens. ‘THE BLINKER’ at the rear defines the character of the whole house. It controls overlooking of private spaces while allowing (indeed enhancing) a broad view of the CBD north side …. Beautiful Breathtaking Bathed in early light Backlit by the setting sun Bright against the night sky Bewitching behind black lace.


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