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Architectural design documentation and construction management of your new home, extension or business. Infuse design has been set up by Shaun Miller who has 15 years’ experience in the Architectural world and has worked on a wide variety of projects with firms in Africa, England, Brisbane and Tasmania. His family brought him back to Brisbane where a change was required in order for him to meet his family’s needs. Shaun has set up Infuse design, a tongue and cheek metaphor borrowed from the tea industry and a connection to his childhood where he grew up on a tea plantation.

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Wilston Home - Infuse Design Pty LtdWilston Home - Infuse Design Pty LtdWilston Home - Infuse Design Pty LtdWilston Home - Infuse Design Pty Ltd

Wilston Home

Wilston QLD, 2011

The universal aims for the project were to manage the prosaic need of the family for a larger living space; to facilitate and support the family’s love of cooking and entertaining; and ultimately, from a design perspective, to unite a unique and contemporary living ‘pod’ with an established and traditional character home. The core concept was to have a clear and distinct delineation between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ from the street and park facades respectively, while seamlessly integrating the internal space to provide a holistic experience for the family and visitors. The park adjacent to the house was a primary influence of the project and informed its development at every stage.


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