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JAWSARCHITECTS, one of Tasmania’s most dynamic and enterprising team of architects and designers. The practice encourages an interactive and collaborative design process within the office to produce exciting design ideas that draw from a wide range of experiences. Based in Hobart, JAWS actively pursue a diversity of projects and are highly regarded for our ability to produce economic, efficient buildings whilst maintaining a passionate commitment to design excellence and the needs of the client. The company launched JAWS2 (we design things) as a discrete unit operating independently and offering design services complementary to JAWS, enriching the spirit of our architecture.

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Devonport Surf Club Redevelopment - JawsarchitectsDevonport Surf Club Redevelopment - JawsarchitectsDevonport Surf Club Redevelopment - JawsarchitectsDevonport Surf Club Redevelopment - Jawsarchitects

Devonport Surf Club Redevelopment

Devonport, Tasmania, 2010

The redevelopment of the Surf Life Saving Club will be the first project to be delivered by Devonport City Council from the Urban Design Framework for the Mersey Bluff, a prominent natural feature forming part of the foreshore reserve. The design of the new building provides an abstract vehicle for experiencing the unique qualities of the dynamic coastal environment, establishing a strong connection with its setting whilst creating a bold image to assist with marketing and promotional activities. Seen from all angles, the building is treated as a sculptural element carefully placed in the manicured coastal environment, the dynamic plan form drawing on the cusp of the beach and protective Bluff headland. To facilitate separate identities, the development is composed of two distinct pavilions sharing a common foyer space; one to house the surf club, the other incorporating high quality restaurant and cafe facilities to serve the local beach users. An aluminium skin wraps over each pavilion, the roof forms rising and falling to modulate the internal spaces and evoke notions of waves in motion. The new building delivers a level of sophistication to meet evolving public expectations and provide a secure future for the surf club, a valued community asset.

Montpelier Project - JawsarchitectsMontpelier Project - JawsarchitectsMontpelier Project - JawsarchitectsMontpelier Project - Jawsarchitects

Montpelier Project

Hobart, Tasmania, 2009

JAWSARCHITECTS were engaged by prominent Hobart developer, Sultan Holdings to design a major mixed-use complex on a vacant site within Sullivans Cove in Hobart. The development, an important urban repair project, will transform the existing open car park into a building complex which offers new and exciting links and public spaces, giving access to a wide variety of commercial, retail, hospitality and entertainment uses, all located over a large underground public car park, with residential apartments above. The new buildings along Montpelier Retreat have been designed to reflect the scale, pattern and materials of the historic Salamanca precinct in a contemporary manner and will create new life and activity at the street edge. A significant new public space will be created, to be known as ‘Cottage Green’. Here the opportunity will be taken, using any archaeological remnants, to portray the story of the early days of settlement, encounters with the local aborigines and the development of ‘New Wharf’ and Salamanca Place. The upper levels of the complex are set well back and are not generally visible from the streets surrounding the site. The apartments occupying these levels have been sculpted and fragmented so that when viewed from distant positions in the Cove, they will merge with the finer grain of residential roofs behind.

Mt Field National Park Visitor's Centre - JawsarchitectsMt Field National Park Visitor's Centre - JawsarchitectsMt Field National Park Visitor's Centre - JawsarchitectsMt Field National Park Visitor's Centre - Jawsarchitects

Mt Field National Park Visitor’s Centre

Mt Field National Park, Tasmania, 2000

This development fulfils a desire to provide improved visitor amenity to one of Tasmania’s significant tourist attractions and most loved National Parks. The project consolidates a previously haphazard arrangement of Park management offices, visitor information, retail facilities and amenities into a single reception building with more accessible parking facilities. The primary objective of the development was to retain or enhance the natural and scenic qualities of the area, with the design of the Centre reflecting the sites particular sense of place. Careful consideration has been given to sit the new building unobtrusively into the landscape, open spaces to the sun, shelter from the weather and to create areas that engage with the natural surroundings. The form of the building reflects the duality of the landscape within the Park entry zone, acting as a transitional space between the introduced landscape and the native bush beyond. The overall mass of the building is broken up into a number of separately articulated, but related parts to minimize its impact on the site. The building subtly refers to forms, colours and materials found within the park and reinterprets them in a contemporary manner. The new Centre and associated landscape design provides a stimulating and visually cohesive environment for visitors to develop an understanding of the biodiversity of the Park and adjacent World Heritage Area.


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