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PHOOEY are motivated by the pursuit of quality. We believe that our surroundings influence the quality of our lives – in the workplace, at home & in public spaces. We are engaged in sustainable future proofing. Our solutions utlilise energy & water efficient techniques, upcycling and we promote resilient designs which adapt to change over time. We understand that a project’s value is related to how wisely time & money are spent in achieving its completion. Our interest is in protecting the interests of our clients by defining realistic goals and by honouring commitments. We have received professional design awards and are internationally published.

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Cubo House - PHOOEY ArchitectsCubo House - PHOOEY ArchitectsCubo House - PHOOEY ArchitectsCubo House - PHOOEY Architects

Cubo House

Fitzroy North, Melbourne, 2014

The centrepiece of this newly renovated house, lovingly designed and imagined by the PHOOEY team, Peter Ho & Emma Young, for a young family in inner Melbourne, is undeniably the three-storey volume that houses a bespoke spiral staircase and a uniquely crafted chandelier, set against the backdrop of a “window wall”. The client’s brief was to convert an existing 1880’s heritage-listed house in a great location, and in itself a lovely place, into a unique, sustainable, open and bright home, capable of accommodating a family and interstate visitors. This was the owners’ second project with PHOOEY, and due to planning constraints, the unusual decision (within an Australian context) was made to extend down, rather than out. And the best bit? The owner stops to think. “When you buy a house like this, you fall in love with the old parts. When you walk in, that’s what grabs you. But then you look at how impractical it is, and you start to think about how it might be renovated and restored. We wanted the modern conveniences but we didn’t want to lose the old character… The best part is that we have kept a lot of what the house was before and re-invigorated it into something very unusual and something very livable. It just feels lovely.” Excerpt from Palich, N 2014, ‘Cubomania’, Green, Issue 38, pp 40-46

Children's Activity Centre & Templestowe Reserve - PHOOEY ArchitectsChildren's Activity Centre & Templestowe Reserve - PHOOEY ArchitectsChildren's Activity Centre & Templestowe Reserve - PHOOEY ArchitectsChildren's Activity Centre & Templestowe Reserve - PHOOEY Architects

Children’s Activity Centre & Templestowe Reserve

Melbourne, 2011

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY CENTRE: Though containers have now become a familiar staple of re-appropriation for all sorts of things, PHOOEY put them to energetic use, stacking them, slicing them, and cutting them to create a thoroughly durable and dignified assemblage that rejoices in the colorful bricolage of its origins. A variety of types of indoor and outdoor spaces are created from the simple expedient of stacking and staggering a couple of containers. … All this is achieved on a predictably meagre budget, but shows what you can do with a bit of persistence and imagination. PHOOEY should go far.” Slessor, C (2007), ‘Remake, Remodel’, The Architectural Review, December, pp 82-83. TEMPLESTOWE RESERVE SPORTING PAVILION: ‘From the car-park, the building’s hulking form conveys a sense of grandeur far beyond its purpose, its weight anchoring it in the surrounding sea of asphalt & lawn. The steep saw-tooth pitch of the roof gestures to the form of the 1970’s suburb, while the ‘Big V’ references the chevron of a football jumper ‘ The presence of past heroes has been cleverly cast into the skin of the new building ” Excerpt from Hook, M 2011, ‘Game Changing’, Architectural Review Australia, Issue 120, June / July, pp 72-77

Interior & Commercial Projects - PHOOEY ArchitectsInterior & Commercial Projects - PHOOEY ArchitectsInterior & Commercial Projects - PHOOEY ArchitectsInterior & Commercial Projects - PHOOEY Architects

Interior & Commercial Projects

Melbourne, 2014

PHOOEY Architects provide architectural services, project management, interior design & furniture design. We have the capacity & flexibility to handle large, small & geographically challenged projects. Our commercial projects such as Mountain Goat Bar & Brewery, Zinc, Zedi Hair & Kaleidoscope Arts & Crafts Centre celebrate the brand of the businesses they accommodate & in doing so are able to stimulate business for our clients. We listen to & actively engage our clients in the consultative process to create innovative solutions which meet the practical & economic demands of each project.


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