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Colin Stewart Architects is a Canberra based practice with a commitment to high quality design outcomes. Our expertise in urban design and planning is integral to our success, underpinning our capacity to achieve high quality architecture whilst optimising development outcomes. This has been instrumental in our appointment as lead design consultants for major urban developments for government, and eminent private sector clients. Our success is testament to our deep understanding, thorough research capacity and genuine commitment to the spirit of “public architecture” and the privilege of working with visionary clients and skilled consultants.

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Kingston Foreshore Masterplan - Stewart ArchitectureKingston Foreshore Masterplan - Stewart ArchitectureKingston Foreshore Masterplan - Stewart ArchitectureKingston Foreshore Masterplan - Stewart Architecture

Kingston Foreshore Masterplan

Kingston, Canberra ACT, 1997

In 1997 Colin Stewart Architects won this national design competition for the Kingston Foreshore in Canberra. The winning proposal represents the creation of a significant urban place within the city. Building on Griffin’s original geometry, the 37 hectare development finally realises Griffin’s vision for north facing living on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin. The proposal extends the established network of paths and streets of Kingston to enmesh the new development area within the existing. The grid and subdivision structure combines with a flexible land use policy to create a mix of fine grain land uses and a rich urban environment. This network leads down the waters edge, where the creation of a new harbour provides a vibrant pedestrian promenade to reinvigorate the area as a lively centre for workshops and markets. As a leading example of the redevelopment of an existing urban Brownfield site, this design provides a hallmark for sustainable city growth. This form of development utilises existing social and physical infrastructure while curtailing the need for expansion at the cities fringes. Over ten years on from the announcement of Colin Stewart Architects as the competition winner, the vision created by the winning proposal is revealing itself, as development of the Foreshore gains momentum. CLIENT: LAND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY

The Realm Precinct - Stewart ArchitectureThe Realm Precinct - Stewart ArchitectureThe Realm Precinct - Stewart ArchitectureThe Realm Precinct - Stewart Architecture

The Realm Precinct

Barton, Canberra ACT, 2011

Colin Stewart Architects were engaged in 2003 to masterplan and design the Realm precinct in Barton, an ambitious mixed use project including hotels, residential apartments, retail space and commercial offices. The site, centrally located in Canberra close to the parliamentary Triangle, required an original masterplan concept to create a precinct with a mix of uses, and active public spaces. To achieve this, the Realm precinct masterplan is designed around a beautiful sequence of public spaces where people living, working, and visiting the precinct can come together. As each stage is completed the precinct is coming alive through these public spaces that provide everything from quiet contemplative places through to thoroughfares and active, hip piazzas where visitors can enjoy the company of others. The architecture for each individual building within the precinct adopts consistent sophisticated aesthetic and structural themes. Building heights vary from 2 to 6 storeys, the heights accentuating the rising land form and the landmark potential marking the end of Sydney Avenue. Until the vision of the DOMA group led to the development of the Realm precinct, Barton was deprived of meeting spaces or “public squares”. In collaboration with their client (DOMA), Colin Stewart Architects have realised DOMA’s vision for the precinct as a meeting place, with engaging public spaces that are quickly becoming hubs of activity in the heart of Barton. CLIENT: THE DOMA GROUP

The Belconnen Markets - Stewart ArchitectureThe Belconnen Markets - Stewart ArchitectureThe Belconnen Markets - Stewart ArchitectureThe Belconnen Markets - Stewart Architecture

The Belconnen Markets

Belconnen, Canberra ACT, 2010

As Australia’s first Green Star certification project under the Green Star Precinct rating tool, the Belconnen Markets redevelopment will set the benchmark for sustainable precincts around Australia. The Belconnen Markets fulfil an important role in the life of the city, and the Community providing a centre for small personalised retail outlets, community meeting spaces, cooking classes, children’s play space and an informal market place environment. In collaboration with Rock Development, CSA have developed a Master Plan to articulate the planning and urban design principles guiding the staged redevelopment of the Markets and surrounding sites. The Master Plan includes a number of sites containing new buildings arranged around a central public space. The staging strategy for the development ensures deliberate management of traffic and parking, construction and marketability. The development is designed to improve pedestrian fluidity throughout the precinct, generate a high level of on-site activity and create affordable and sustainable living opportunities. All retail has active northern frontage and all residential has street access to the Markets. The overall design of individual buildings will all aim to achieve the highest standards of sustainable design.


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