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Our credo – ‘for every expression of architecture’. At studio nine we have gathered a group of practitioners who all share one belief: architecture isn’t just about buildings. It’s about how those buildings interact with people and the world around them. It is also why we believe in diversity. As every person is unique, so are their needs. So within one practice, we have different architects who bring different skills and different sensibilities to different clients. In other words, their own unique expression of architecture. We look forward to seeing the expression it puts on your face.

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Cremorne Hotel - Studio NineCremorne Hotel - Studio NineCremorne Hotel - Studio NineCremorne Hotel - Studio Nine

Cremorne Hotel

Adelaide, 2010

Recently completed, The Cremorne Hotel has undertaken a complete transformation from a tired, multi roomed labyrinth of spaces with 80s decor r to a contemporary open plan with the use of raw materials (concrete, bricks, timber, glass and steel) both internally and externally. The brief was to produce a product for the 25 to 40 year old demographic with focus on an integration of internal and external spaces along Unley Road to activate street appeal. All new Additions constructed compliment the existing Local Heritage building on the corner. Negative spaces were used as the transition areas between the New and Old. A purpose made laser cut decorative rusted metal screen along Unley Road has created a playful Beer Garden area with filtered Western sunlight providing a pleasing ambience.

Terrace 62 - Studio NineTerrace 62 - Studio NineTerrace 62 - Studio NineTerrace 62 - Studio Nine

Terrace 62

Adelaide, 2011

The three principles driving the design are often seen as being diametrically opposed. However, this scheme has welded the economic drivers to that of lifestyle amenity and sustainability. The houses are designed to accommodate interchangeable facades. The series of faces – each with a contemporary look, require minimal alterations to floor plans. Each frontage is designed to make the building appear substantial. These houses are aimed at people wishing to be individualistic and keen to make lifestyle statements. Whether entering the housing market or scaling down their household size, these houses will provide comfortable, pleasant living conditions.

North Adelaide Football Club - Studio NineNorth Adelaide Football Club - Studio NineNorth Adelaide Football Club - Studio NineNorth Adelaide Football Club - Studio Nine

North Adelaide Football Club

Adelaide, 2010

The redevelopment of the 90 year old grandstand at Prospect Oval incorporates a public gym and an upgraded function centre with floor to ceiling windows and alfresco seating. The grandstand, historically and culturally significant to the Prospect area was redeveloped with the assistance of a Federal government grant.


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