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Vision 1 Architects focuses on providing quality architectural services to all aspects of the residential and commercial sectors of the construction industry. Our full understanding of urban context, localstate policies & by-laws and our clients expectations provides the best solution for your project.

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Pearl of the Bay - Vision 1 Pty LtdPearl of the Bay - Vision 1 Pty LtdPearl of the Bay - Vision 1 Pty LtdPearl of the Bay - Vision 1 Pty Ltd

Pearl of the Bay

Scarborough, 2005

“A CONTEMPORARY RESORT STYLE BED & BREAKFAST OVERLOOKING THE WATER AT SCARBOROUGH ON THE REDCLIFFE PENINSULA” The concept was to form a personal residence for the client that was expanded to a luxury B&B and day health spa. Whilst the brief was specific to create a B&B, the client also required their own personal areas away from guests when required. This was the sanctuary of the master bedroom and office area which is located the main living area with the guest rooms being located on ground and mezzanine floor with direct access to the pool area and panoramic views to deception bay. Pivotal to the health spa component was an open plan ensuite large enough to accommodate a 2 person spa and massage table. The challenge was to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation whilst providing privacy to adjacent privacy. The solution was to create roof internal garden within 2m and provide and indooroutdoor view with full height glazing Areas of the local planning scheme where exploited to maximise the views available to the site. In this 2 storey zone, Vision 1 was able to create 2 storey’s plus a mezzanine guest room with prestige views to Deception Bay and the Glass House Mountains


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