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vittinoAshe is a studio that is committed to making. we are a small practice with extensive and varied expertise at a broad range of scales. handcrafting spaces, thoughtful detailing and sometimes personally constructing projects enriches our work. marco vittino and katherine ashe bring to the practice many years of teaching experience and a great deal of built and unbuilt architectural, urban design projects and other creative pursuits. both have worked locally, remotely and internationally. whilst more recently their focus has shifted more towards practice, they continue to hold positions in architecture at the university of wa and curtin university of technology respectively

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Perth, 2010

The short dogleg defined by Hope Street and Orange Avenue is demarcated by a continuous row of workers houses from the early 1900s. They line each side of the two streets and create a small neighbourhood of modest lots and long narrow duplex homes. Nestled within this fabric, the original house contributes to this somewhat rare Perth typology and the decision to retain it and an old grapevine of similar vintage was made very early. The demolition of all the latter additions made way for the new buildings which were configured around the idea that the kitchen would become the focal element that ordered the planning, organising everything else around it. The modesty in plan was played off in section where a volumetric generosity highlights both the kitchen and the bathroom. Accentuating the length of the block through materiality and form was critical in achieving a sense of spaciousness on a very narrow and long site. Fundamentally the proposition was a kind of upgrade of the existing condition, with a new kitchen, dining room, bathroom and laundry. A detached studio at the far end of the lot, defines an inner court and blurs the distinction between inside and outside.

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North Perth, 2007

a tiny project that investigated the potential revitalization of a minimal unit of residence in a sixties block of flats in north perth. the intervention was essentially a review of the entire interior introducing new strategic ideas in layout, materials and finishes. the semi-industrial transformation ensured that with a minimal budget and off the shelf components, the intervention could become an example of how these flats could find a new life well into the future. hand crafted by vittinoAshe.


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