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Bellemo & Cat is a multi disciplinary team established in1998 from an architect /artist partnership, based in inner urban Melbourne, the work of the firm includes Residential Architecture, Institutional Architecture, Urban Design and Public Artwork. Bellemo & Cat’s continued commitment to design excellence has been recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects. They have won the Joseph Reed Award for Urban Design, Residential and National Awards. Bellemo and Cat’s work has garnered international recognition and been published in numerous international magazines and books and TV presentations.

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Polygreen - Bellemo & CatPolygreen - Bellemo & CatPolygreen - Bellemo & CatPolygreen - Bellemo & Cat


Northcote , 2007

The central idea in this project was to create a container for living and working that whilst still engaging with all the site issues of the industrial neighbourhood enabled us to take a thread from the first cocoon we spun for ourselves in Wye River and weave it into the fabric of this next home for ourselves. The building is wrapped on three sides in a translucent printed skin, the third side allows for Northern glazing. The printed image is our graphic garden experienced from both the inside and the outside, our urban jungle and as it is made from a photograph of a sculpture of our own it continues a series of works, a personal line of investigation.

Administration Center St. Josephs College - Bellemo & CatAdministration Center St. Josephs College - Bellemo & CatAdministration Center St. Josephs College - Bellemo & CatAdministration Center St. Josephs College - Bellemo & Cat

Administration Center St. Josephs College

Ferntree Gully , 2010

This project is a new administrative centre containing public reception areas, offices and meeting rooms for a Catholic school as well extension to existing staff facilities. The metaphors used for the building, the concertina file and the brain allude to the Function and Role of the building. The plan is a deliberately egalitarian oval that allows all the offices to share the same access to the central foyer which doubles as a large gathering space thus aligning spatial and fiscal economy

Sidle - Bellemo & CatSidle - Bellemo & CatSidle - Bellemo & CatSidle - Bellemo & Cat


Doncaster , 2008

Sidle’ is a pavilion in park in the suburb of Doncaster. We chose to make something from the fabric of the local that also talks globally of issues of reinvention and reuse. This pavilion is made from old playground slides; the structure is 95% recycled or up-cycled material. Beyond the obvious economic and environmental concerns reusing the slides is a way of creating the new from the fabric of the old, reinforcing stories and giving the shelter a sense of continuity, a ready made history and response to its immediate context. The slides are rotated around a central axis so that a parabola is created making a twisted structure composed entirely of straight elements.


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