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Ben Callery Architect Real sustainability. Real creativity. Real project delivery. We employ scientific principles of sustainable design in synergy with our intuitive aesthetic to create environmentally sensitive buildings that are resource efficient, beautiful to behold and uplifting to experience. Our buildings work with the elements, sun, wind, rain and landscape, to provide spaces that are naturally comfortable and healthy to occupy while respecting and enhancing their environment.

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The Eyrie - Ben Callery ArchitectsThe Eyrie - Ben Callery ArchitectsThe Eyrie - Ben Callery ArchitectsThe Eyrie - Ben Callery Architects

The Eyrie

Westgarth, 2014

How would it feel living in a nest? Warm and cosy but open and breezy. Somewhat rough looking, but soft and tactile. Providing seclusion but a degree of transparency. Evoking feelings of floating and soaring. We set out make a building out of an array of recycled, re-milled, salvaged and scavenged materials for pragmatic and environmental / embodied energy reasons but it evolved into an investigation of the feelings of living in a nest. The woven elements perform pragmatic environmentally responsive functions, providing summer shading, cool breeze baffling, privacy screening and fall protection. But they also create a sensual experience of transparency, floating, connection with the treetops. The dedicated, aggressive sourcing of recycled, re-milled and salvaged materials made this more like the nest of a bird of prey, an eyrie.


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