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People. Sustainability. Sense of place. Human scale. Context. Lateral solutions. Buildability. Community. Heritage. These values are at the core of our architectural practice. Habitable dwellings finely tuned to users and the environment. Welcoming public places that delight and engage. Rich heritage places that speak to present and future generations. Habitable Places provide regional architectural services from South Australia’s Limestone Coast to the Great Victoria Desert in WA. The best contemporary design combined with best practice in heritage conservation.

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Ilkurlka - Habitable PlacesIlkurlka - Habitable PlacesIlkurlka - Habitable PlacesIlkurlka - Habitable Places


Great Victoria Desert, WA, 2010

Ilkrulka is at the heart of Spinifex, on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert. The Spinifex people use Ilkrulka as a base for painting and business trips to their traditional lands. The Storekeepers Residence has a flexible modular layout. Simple design allows for intuitive control of the harsh environment. The roofs follow the profile and form of the sand dunes. The full length verandah projects the living environment into the desert, reaching out to the sky and views. The Arts Centre is a base for painting trips, combining two containers into an accommodation cabin and an art store. The deck and verandah are the outdoor work zone for traditional painting. Elevated on a sand dune. it engages with its pristine and sublime environment. The latest building is a secure vehicle lockup. The north facing roof holds a substantial PV solar array, so that the settlement is largely self-sufficient. Fully naturally lit and cross ventilated, it borrows from aircraft hangers and sand dunes.


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