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OLA Studio (previously Snowdon Architects) is a Melbourne design studio providing architecture, including interior and urban design services. We work predominantly in the greater Melbourne area but are open to the prospect of projects in any location around the globe. Our work explores the balance between the ephemeral and lasting qualities of architecture, the evolution of locale through architecture as well as new ways of humanising both the process and experience of architecture. We are passionate about delivering imaginative architecture, designed specifically for purpose and locality. Our aim is to create places that increase the enjoyment of life and appreciation for the unexpected.

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Lemur Exhibit - OLA StudioLemur Exhibit - OLA StudioLemur Exhibit - OLA StudioLemur Exhibit - OLA Studio

Lemur Exhibit

Melbourne Zoo, 2013

The Lemur exhibit at the Melbourne Zoo commences the visitors journey into the Rain Forest Precinct. The brief was to provide a visitor experience enabling an emotional connection with nature and a desire to learn more about the many conservation issues rain forests of the world face. Designed in close collaboration with the Interpretive Designers Arterial Design and Landscape Architects Urban Initiatives, the architecture is integrated seamlessly with the choreographed interpretive visitor experience and unique landscape of the exhibit. The Entry Tunnel is an enticing portal that encourages people to enter and builds suspense before releasing visitors into an otherworldly landscape where they share the space with the Lemurs. Beyond, the Tree House is deliberately unusual in its form, scale and material adding intrigue to the overall experience. Inspired by unusual geometries and patterns found in Madagascan flora, it balances primal connotations and contemporary architecture. The overall building mass is apparently reduced with the use of a repeated form, scaling the building appropriately to the exhibit. Throughout the exhibit there are similar pods of various sizes used for the Lemurs food, for the Lemurs to sleep and for children to play in. This generates a great dialogue and understanding between human and animal.

Bomba Roof Top Bar - OLA StudioBomba Roof Top Bar - OLA StudioBomba Roof Top Bar - OLA StudioBomba Roof Top Bar - OLA Studio

Bomba Roof Top Bar

103 Lonsdale Street Melbourne, 2013

The Bomba Roof Top Bar project provides the addition of a retractable roof and window system to an existing roof top bar and restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. The new work allows for the premises to operate all year and in all weather conditions. The flexibility allows for the space to open up completely in fine weather and close down to a cosy and warm space when required whilst retaining its outdoor setting. To achieve outdoor status, one third of the facility to the east remains open air at all times, designed around minimising the effects of bad weather on patronage. This area faces even From the street, the new structure is a carefully considered addition to the urban landscape and provides a new top to a recently extended office building.

Kerrick - OLA StudioKerrick - OLA StudioKerrick - OLA StudioKerrick - OLA Studio


31 Kerr Street Fitzroy, 2014

Kerrick is an alteration and addition to a single fronted double storey residence in Fitzroy with a small rear yard and an increasing number of multi-storey apartment buildings enclosing it’s private space and natural light. The house accommodates a young family of 5 and a dog. The project brief was to provide a large living space with a better connection to the outdoor yard, a cellar for storing an impressive wine collection and for a games area for the children, a new parent bedroom, robe en suite and private secluded outdoor space. There was a focus on maximising the light infiltrating the internal space, maximising the sense of space and privacy and providing clear views to the sky.


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