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Founded by Graham Charbonneau and Dave Bickmore, our design practice focuses on creating experiences as familiar as they are surprising. Our projects are collaboritavely crafted and artfully considered. Inspired by faces and places, we endeavour to take users on journeys outside of their imagination. Our practice is client-focused. We are constantly challenging ourselves to create compelling architecture that fits an exacting brief. Each project is treated with the same respect, research and investigations as the last, creating designs that meet the aspirations of the clients, respond to site conditions, and create experiences for future occupants.

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Civlian - Studio-GramCivlian - Studio-GramCivlian - Studio-GramCivlian - Studio-Gram


Darlinghurst, 2014

High-end downtime reminiscent of mid century california. Bespoke steel and teal lounges invite users to wait with a cocktail, while the light and bright timber serves to soften the bunker like interior. Diners are greeted by studio-gram share tables, and a well stocked, yet simply framed bar. You’d be forgiven for overstaying your booking.

Parwana Kutchi Deli - Studio-GramParwana Kutchi Deli - Studio-GramParwana Kutchi Deli - Studio-GramParwana Kutchi Deli - Studio-Gram

Parwana Kutchi Deli

Adelaide, 2014

A story of migration and new beginnings, a celebration of the back streets of afghanistan. a shop inside of a shop, with trinkets, tiles and truck art. The interiors are a reflection of the food being served and the places being celebrated.

Gallery - Studio-GramGallery - Studio-GramGallery - Studio-GramGallery - Studio-Gram


Adelaide, 2013

Detached from themes, periods, or styles, gallery attempts to outlive the normal bar. A venue that supports activation, exhibition and curation. Stripped of ornamentation, creating a strict palette of steel, glass, concrete and timber.


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