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Troppo is a practice of regionally based studios in Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Sydney & Byron Bay, aiming to develop regionally responsive architectures. For the place of each project, let’s promote a Sense of Place, through: – an architecture that responds to climate and the local setting – a dynamic architecture, that connects inside with out – a non-constant architecture that responds to the course of the day & season We believe that architecture should express a certain poetry, its users’ personalities, and the uniqueness f the mix of place and people. Troppo embrace the informality that is the Australian lifestyle, both in our approach to design as well as practice.

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Brammy Kyprianou Residence - Troppo Architects (SA)Brammy Kyprianou Residence - Troppo Architects (SA)Brammy Kyprianou Residence - Troppo Architects (SA)Brammy Kyprianou Residence - Troppo Architects (SA)

Brammy Kyprianou Residence

North Adelaide, SA, 2007

Troppo were approached by the Owners, after earlier failure to progress through Council, plans to add 2-storey additions to the rear of their single fronted villa on a tight urban site, a key element in a heritage streetscape opposite Adelaide’s Park Lands. Troppos answer retained a 2-storey project scope, but folded new roof forms into those of the villa and its neighbours. The additions face north, and a fine steel structure enables a maximising of controlled solar access. The design is clearly contemporary, providing well-lit, open flowing space over 2 levels, elegantly contrasting with the darker, masonry rooms of the original villa. The master bedroom with ensuite occupies the mezzanine level, and includes high level views across the Park Lands and roof-scapes, as well as to the northern backyard. A 900mm side yard is occupied by a danpalon roofed structure which provides daylight for mezzanine access, window seat, laundry, and a downstairs bathroom. A sheer frosted glass screen is inserted in the Victorian entrance hall to disguise and access the bathroom. A lap pool at window seat level concludes the entrance hall axis. On this same axis a small glass floor views and accesses the original brick cellar. Remodelling of the small backyard delivers a balance of decked, lawned and paved space

Affordable Eco-Housing, Whitmore Sqare (Ivaritji) - Troppo Architects (SA)Affordable Eco-Housing, Whitmore Sqare (Ivaritji) - Troppo Architects (SA)Affordable Eco-Housing, Whitmore Sqare (Ivaritji) - Troppo Architects (SA)Affordable Eco-Housing, Whitmore Sqare (Ivaritji) - Troppo Architects (SA)

Affordable Eco-Housing, Whitmore Sqare (Ivaritji)

Adelaide, SA, 2011

AIA (SA) Multi-Residential Award Commendation, 2011 AIA (SA) Sustainability Award commendation, 2011 How to balance ‘affordability’ with a very-public corner-of-a-City-Square setting? And still with the screws on, how to bring back the street-verandah, add in personal car+bikes parks, community workspace and gardens, slot in public art? How to affordably fund user-wins green initiatives? How to promote eco-architectural values in the centre of an energy&water guzzling city? How to get solar-passively excellent solar-access to every unit on a City medium-density site? How to build 4.5-storeys in a 2-storey setting with a 4-storey Development-Plan cap? How to work,revise,work,revise to meet State/City/Agency-and-back-again-and-around-to-just-City control of ‘affordable’? How to value-manage ‘eco-ness’? How to hold onto a street-corner-cafe concept with no tenant on the horizon? In the end, after a national competition win in 2004, 26 1&2 bed units with basement ancillary spaces, a corner cafe, and a community garden are delivered – all within an ‘affordable-housing’ equation, whilst delivering best solar-passive-design, green servicing and promoting eco-values – and affording public verandahs, and a strong new corner for a City Square. Affordable/ Eco/ very-Public (with a friendly face).

Cliffside Villas, El Questro - Troppo Architects (SA)Cliffside Villas, El Questro - Troppo Architects (SA)Cliffside Villas, El Questro - Troppo Architects (SA)Cliffside Villas, El Questro - Troppo Architects (SA)

Cliffside Villas, El Questro

Kimberley, WA, 2012

Troppo undertook a ‘Master Plan’ study for El Questro, a Wilderness Park of some 1m acres within the Kimberley, WA. Additional design work included delivery of three new ultra-luxurious Cliff Side Suites to El Questro’s boutique Homestead accommodation, refurbishing the Swinging Arm Bar and twelve new bungalows at The Station. The final Master Plan evolves from further work with the El Questro staff management, together with the input of regional authorities and Government and a team of trusted consultants including Landscape Architects, Interpretive Designers, Environmental Scientists and Tourism Planners. The Master Plan covers natural resource management, road and track planning, fire tracks, management of Aboriginal rock art sites, bush culture and environment education. Within this we sought further opportunities for camping, new levels of accommodation and tourism infrastructure generally ‘ always looking to be environmentally aware and with a real sense of ‘Kimberley’. El Questro Homestead was named Best Outback Experience at the 2013 Australian Gourmet Traveller Travel Awards. Photo’s courtesy of Timothy Burgess


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